Our Story

The idea to start a new swimwear brand was created years ago.  As a mom of two kids i  had the struggle to find the right swimwear.
Maybe this sounds relatable, swimming on the beach with men’s shorts and a T-shirt. Yup.. that was totally my struggle! Vibing on the beach with a weird (collected) swimsuit purely because i just couldn’t find the right swimsuit that made me feel covered, modest, feminine and confident. Besides looking hideous, it was also uncomfortable.  Going to the pool just to watch the kids swim, because I don’t have proper swimwear myself.

Then came a moment where i started to immerse myself in it. How great would it be to put on a beautiful, covered swimsuit that makes you look chic, classy, and confident. A swimdress that makes you feel like you’re not wearing a swimsuit. A swimsuit where woman feel empowered and confident in every setting.

Amazing right? I couldn’t imagine.

That’s when my adventure started.
From drawing to sketching. From sketching to making patterns with the right help. I wanted to give it a modern, elegant sexy twist. I started to delve into all kinds of fabrics, models and looked for nice prints.

My inspiration came from the female body. Women have beautiful bodies. whether you are thin, medium or full. A dress that accentuates your beautiful curves throughout your body gives you confidence. this was important to me when designing the swim dresses.

We only use the best, tried and tested materials. Our swimwear collection is made from an ultra-high quality fabric mix of lycra and polyester and lycra and poliyamide offering UPF50+ sun protection whilst  having a lightweight feel.

A small fact: The brand Noorkini is named after my daughter Noor. The year I was working extremely hard to build this brand, my daughter was born.

Working on the brand was so hard, but I did it with love and passion. I wanted to give you the missing piece to your vacation. This swim dress was truly a miss in my life. As of now, it completes my vacation adventure.

Finally, I can now take fun pictures on the beach. Now it’s your time!